Mobile Reporting and Analytics

Reporting Incidents Has Never Been This Seamless

Streamlined App Interface

Easily report loss prevention or other events quickly and easily with the ALTO app.

Multiple Categories

Report incidents in multiple categories​, including criminal activity, public safety, and operational issues.

360º Visibility

Management gets visibility into multiple levels of activity in stores with real-time reports and multi-level dashboards.

Integrated Checklists

Increased productivity and standards compliance with dynamic checklists that can include photos and feedback.

To-Do Lists Task Manager

Complete all necessary tasks over a longer period with the integrated to-do list manager.

Instant Push Tasks

Need something done immediately? Send a push task to one or many individuals to get immediate feedback or photos.

360-Degree Visibility with Store Data for Faster Decisions and Action

  • ALTO Alliance data gathering surfaces critical information in real-time to dashboards and reports
    Executives and managers can see the up-to-date status of projects and key indicators
  • ALTO’s in-field customer success specialists serve as “eyes and ears” for management to track compliance, training, or other important data-gathering
  • The client relationship with ALTO is multi-level, with frequent collaboration at the corporate, regional, and local level to share information and processes
  • ALTO’s local attorneys consult with stores and work with local prosecutors to ensure that our clients’ interests are properly represented and risks mitigated