Webinar: From Pointing Fingers to Shaking Hands

How to Form an Alliance Between Retailers, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors ALTO hosted a webinar titled “From Finger Pointing to Handshaking” in conjunction with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) and Loss Prevention Magazine on August 12, 2021. A recording of the webinar can be found here: Speakers David Campos Chief of Staff, San Francisco District […]

We’re In It Together

Retail stores are not independent of the communities that they exist in. They are part of an ecosystem with many factors that affect customers, employees, and sales. Loss prevention tries to stay up to date with what is happening in the store’s ecosystem by using the newest technology. But even this isn’t enough because we don’t know exactly what is happening out there. There is a disconnect between retail stores and their communities, we just can’t see it all.

The Importance of Going from Data to Action in Times of Covid 19

The abrupt arrival of Covid‑19 in the world has forced us to change many daily things, not only our way of living, exchanging with friends and family, and working, but also the manner in which daily operations are performed and supervised in almost all industries.