Baltimore Bulletin: March 2021

ALTO Alliance is having great success is their newest market, Baltimore/DC Metro!

ALTO is proud to announce the Alliance has already had an effect with a recidivist who had been stealing from an Alliance member for months. The recidivist made the decision to threaten the store manager, was charged with assault, has been charged with 4 other counts, and thanks to ALTO’s help, is being held without bond.

ALTO also held a meeting with 12 Baltimore District Prosecutors to talk about the ALTO solution, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and the city attorneys are eager for more retailers to join the ALTO Alliance.

LPQ Certification Announcement

Finally, Kyrie Bock, ALTO’s Director of Customer Success in Baltimore/DC Metro, just received her LPQ certification from the LP Foundation. According to Kyrie “It was a great opportunity to learn from the content rich and valuable Loss Prevention Foundation study materials. The test didn’t fail to be challenging; this experience has allowed me to see from all levels, a more holistic understanding of this industry and all that it effects in such a positive light! Excited to continue to build from this foundation!”

Congratulations Kyrie!