ALTO's Global Asset Protection Network

We are ALTO. We are a company that specializes in loss prevention and tech-enabled security services. Our team works with the world’s leading retailers to help protect their inventory from theft. Our global team has been protecting stores since 2005, and today our service is available in six countries across 150 cities worldwide.

Whether you run a convenience store, neighborhood drugstore, or a network of supercenters, ALTO will be there for you 24/7 to help prevent losses before they happen - whether it be through shoplifting or other public safety concerns like accidents. With more than 14 million reports submitted by customers over the years, our systems have proven themselves time and again to be an invaluable resource.

25,000 Locations

Display the ALTO logo to deter theft, shoplifting, or public safety concerns as part of our multi-national network.

150 Cities in 6 Countries

Started in Chile, ALTO has grown across six countries and has on-the-ground teams in 150 cities

14 Million Events Reported

ALTO is the go-to system for reporting major events with more than 14 million reports processed

300+ Clients Across the World

ALTO serves leading retailers covering diverse business models from convenience stores to supercenters

750+ Employees Globally

ALTO’s attorneys, customer success specialists, analysts, and staff are local experts with a global team

ALTO’s USA Expansion

Our team has grown quickly across the United States, with attorneys and customer success specialists in each market. ALTO’s national team can work with clients of all sizes.

ALTO Has Worked with some of the Biggest Global Retail Brands