ALTO is a

Company That Helps...

Reduce Crime and Risks

Increase Community Outreach

Decrease Recidivism

Boost Employee Morale

Create Safer Customer Experience


ALTO is a people-first, technology-enabled, community-focused company that helps reduce crime, risks, and other business disruptions to the retail environment; making employees & members of the community feel safer working & shopping in their local stores.

Learn How the ALTO Alliance Creates Safer Communities

The ALTO Alliance has grown internationally since 2005, with clients and partners across the United States, Latin America, Mexico, and Spain.

ALTO's Global Asset Protection Network

25,000 Locations

Display the ALTO logo to deter theft, shoplifting, or public safety concerns as part of our multi-national network.

150 Cities in 6 Countries

Started in Chile, ALTO has grown across six countries and has on-the-ground teams in 150 cities

14 Million Events Reported

ALTO is the go-to system for reporting major events with more than 14 million reports processed

300+ Clients Across the World

ALTO serves leading retailers covering diverse business models from convenience stores to supercenters

750+ Employees Globally

ALTO’s attorneys, customer success specialists, analysts, and staff are local experts with a global team

Our Results Speak for Themselves
ALTO Alliance members report up to 20-30% drop in overall shrink in participating store.
We're in Good Company
Over 25,000 member locations display The ALTO Alliance logo and signage to deter shoplifting and public safety concerns.
The ALTO Alliance has a Global Footprint
Since our initial launch in Chile, we have expanded to include on-the-ground teams in 6 countries and hundreds of cities. Our team contains more than 700 ALTO attorneys, Customer Success Specialists, analysts, and staff.
We're Experienced
With more than 14 million events reported annually, ALTO is the go-to system for incident reporting.